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Dale Morey forged into the lead on the first hole of the final round and then waltzed off with the championship of the 58th Southern Amateur at Shreveport Country Club Saturday with a nine-under par 275 for 72 holes.

The High Point, N. C., amateur veteran posted a final round 34-35-69 to beat back a pair of younger players, Charles Kennon of Baton Rouge and Jerry Greenbaum of Atlanta.

Kennon defeated Greenbaum for second place in a sudden-death playoff which required two holes. They had tied at three-under par 281's on completion of four rounds.

Howell Fraser, the Panama City, Fla., golfer who will defend his Florida State Open championship next week in Tallahassee, wound up next after failing on a late charge at the lead.

Morey, who joked at being worried because the younger players in the tournament were calling him "Mr. Morey," posted rounds of 66-71-69-69 on the way to the title. His opening day score set the competitive record at the SCC, but new records were a day-to-day occurrence in the meet, played for the first time on stroke basis.

The winner moved into Saturday's round deadlocked with Kennon for the lead with 206. Playing in the threesome just behind the 23-year-old son of former Governor Robert Kennon, Morey got out front early.

Kennon bogeyed the first hole and Morey, on a terrific recovery shot from a fairway sand trap, birdied to pull two strokes ahead.

Morey's second shot sailed with the low trajectory of a "week-ender's whack," but came to rest 15 feet from the cup. He surveyed the putt for nearly a minute and then used a bold stroke which sent the pellet into the heart of the hole.


That gave him a two-shot bulge on the field and he protected it like a miser.

"It was as good a day as I've had here," said Morey of his 35-34-69. "After I built up the lead, I did play it safe," added the balding ex-Walker Cupper who will play next in the Carolinas Cup matches.

He also plans to play in the National Amateur, and says that the Southern victory will "help out an awful lot" in his consideration for a berth on the Eisenhower Cup matches in Italy in October.

The Eisenhower tourney matches four-man teams of more than 40 countries.

Kennon won the playoff on the second hole, using a par to Greenhaum's double bogey. Both parred the first hole before the past winner of the International Jaycee Junior meet ran amuck.

On the dogleg second assignment, the Atlantan hurried his second stroke into the trap fronting the green. He tried to blast it out, but moved the ball only about 12 inches.

Kennon, with a clear advantage, lagged a 15-foot putt up to the hole for his par while Greenbaum took two to get home.

This marked the second championship for Morey. He won the tournament in New Orleans in 1950, defeating Tommy Barnes of Atlanta.

Morey bailed himself out of trouble on the front nine twice. His tee shot trickled off the green on the par-three third hole, but he chipped back to within a foot of the cup for a par.


He hit his tee shot into a trap on the par three eighth and took three to get down from there. Morey got a birdie at the seventh with a good second shot close to the pin on the elevated green.,

On the back nine, the angular former basketballer-golfer from Louisiana State, birdied the 14th hole with a "Texas Wedge" from the edge of the trap to the right of the par-five hole. He then parred home for a two-under par score.

Kennon came home with a 38-37-75, his first over-par round of the meet. He tied the competitive record which Greenbaum later broke with a 64 on Friday.

"I hit as good today as any other round," said Kennon. "But it was just one of those days with the putter."

The medical student from LSU missed two greens on the front and two on the back side, and had only one birdie when he struck his tee shot to within six inches of the pin on the par three 17th.

"I lost my confidence with the putter after the first three holes," he added.

Kennon hopes to qualify for the National Amateur which will be played the week before he returns to medical school. He turned to the back nine six-under par and was destined to lose a little ground.

But at that point, the battle was for third place. Fraser, grappling with a balky putter charged in after Greenbaum and caught the faltering Army lieutenant at the 13th assignment when the Atlantan took two straight bogeys.

Fraser then said he hit two of the best strokes he hit in the tournament and they resulted in a bogey six on the 14th.

His second stroke landed in the middle of the sand trap to the right of the hole. With the ball sitting up in good position in the gritty surface, Fraser chose a sand wedge and blasted. He caught it too cleanly and the ball sailed high over the green and fell off the back -edge. It took the ex-LSU linkster three to recover and he was unable to make up any ground on the leaders from there.

"I started slowly," said the soft-spoken Floridan who had become a gallery favorite in part due to his poor luck with the putter. "And when I did it was too late."

Lowest round of the day came from Bunky Henry of Valdosta, Ga. The muscalur long ball hitter, who resembles a football guard rather than a fairway flailer, posted a 35-33-68.

The score gave him a total of 291, good enough to claim the first flight championship for the former Southern match play champion.

Other flight winners included Jim Grant of San Antonio, Tex., in the second, Bobby Rodgers of Lafayette in the third, Johnny Hopkins of Shreveport in the fourth and Ed Thompson of Montgomery, Ala., in the fifth.

All packed off shiny silver bowls as souvenirs of their stay in Shreveport.

Final Results:

Championship Flight
Dale Morey High Point, N.C 66-71-69-69 275
Charles Kennon Baton Rouge, La 70-66-70-77 281
Jerry Greenbaum Atlanta, Ga 73-73-64-71 281
Howell Fraser Panama City, Fla 67-71-73-72 283
Robert Lowry, Jr Huntsville, Ala 68-72-74-72 286
Robert S. Rawlins Dallas, Tex 70-71-70-76 287
Dr. Frank Holt, III Birmingham, Ala 71-72-73-74 290
John Paul Cain Houston, Tex 71-71-73-75 290
Buddy Short Lafayette, La 73-71-75-71 290
Robert S. Greenwood Cookeville, Tenn 71-75-68-77 291
Mike Mitchell Texarkana, Tex 75-73-70-74 292
Randy Petri Houston, Tex 72-73-74-73 292
John J. Garrett Houston, Tex 72-73-75-73 293
Herbert Abraham Memphis, Tenn 74-75-69-77 295
Jimmy Allen Athens, Ga 72-76-74-73 295
Russell Ogilvie Shreveport, La 75-73-74-74 296
John R. Bird, Jr Shreveport, La 72-69-78-77 296
Don Easterwood, Jr. Shreveport, La 72-73-77-75 297
David E. Boyd Atlanta, Ga 71-74-76-78 299
Michael D. Taylor Meridian, Miss 74-71-77-77 299
Herb Durham Dallas, Tex 70-79-73-78 300
Jim Mangurn Lafayette, La- 74-72-76-81 303
Van Schroeder Shreveport, La 71-74-77-83 305
First Flight
Bunky Henry Valdosta, Ga 74-73-76-68 291
Dr. John McKey Orlando, Fla 76-72-76-71 295
Don Fruge Meridian, Miss 74-75-75-71 295
Claude A. Moody Montgomery, Ala 71-76-79-72 298
Fred Nelson Ruston, La 74-75-77-72 298
Chuck Rea Meridian, Miss 72-72-80-76 300
Bruce Wilkerson Ardmore, Okla 74-75-74-78 301
D. Y. Smith, Jr Shreveport, La 77-72-75-77 301
Jerry Potter Ft. Launderdale, Fla 76-73-77-75 301
B. J. Murphy, Jr Shreveport, La 74-74-79-75 302
James C. Black, Jr Hot Springs, Ark 74-75-76-80 305
Pete Whaley Marshall, Tex 75-74-78-78 305
Bill Bailey Shreveport, La 76-72-78-80 306
Arthur C. Bush Shreveport, La 72-77-82-76 307
Frank Pernici Shreveport, La 72-77-84-80 313
M. C. Fitts Tuscaloosa, Ala 74-74-75-WD
Curtis Person Memphis, Tenn 73-75-75-WD
Jackie Cummings Tuscaloosa, Ala 74-70-82-WD
John E. Hawkins Lexington, Ky 73-76-81-WD
Clayton Cole Monroe, La 76-71-77- WD
Second Flight
Jack Kersten - Playoff Winner Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 76-76-71-74 297
Jim Grant San Antonio, Tex 72-79-75-71 297
R. B. Wyche Belcher, La 77-73-76-72 298
John Leach Houston, Tex 75-75-74-76 300
David C. Lee Hot Springs, Ark 76-76-74-74 300
L. W. Oehmig Chattanooga, Tenn 71-79-76-74 300
John R. Webster Shreveport, La 75-77-75-74 301
Walter Brittle, Jr Hollywood, Fla 76-77-76-74 303
Lee C. Ramsel Shreveport, La 75-76-76-77 304
Gene Adams West Monroe, La 74-78-75-77 304
Wayne Peddy West Monroe, La 76-76-74-79 305
Ben Broome Panola, Tex 78-75-76-77 306
Chip Lyman Monroe, La 80-72-77-78 307
Gene Keeney Texarkana, Tex 74-77-WD
Alfred M. Johns Punta Gorda, Fla 74-77-WD
Sonny Young Birmingham, Ala 74-77-WD
Third Flight
Bob Rodgers Lafayette, La 77-75-80-74 306
0. A. Netherton Shreveport, La 80-74-77-77 308
John Drechin, Jr Shreveport, La 76-78-80-74 308
John Pendleton, Jr Knoxville, Tenn 77-74-80-78 309
Walter Dowell Walnut Ridge, Ark 79-73-81-76 309
John Atkins, Jr Shreveport, La 75-76-81-77 309
Horace Horner Pensacola, Fla 77-76-79-80 312
Kevin Butler Palm Beach, Fla 77-77-79-81 314
John Whitaker Shreveport, La 78-76-80-80 314
Dr. Paul Winder- Shreveport, La 73-81-80-84 318
Bill Rudd Waskom, Tex 75-75-86-84 320
Mickey Netherton Shreveport, La 77-76-83-WD
Walter Blessey, Jr Metairie, La 77-77-80-WD
Paul Collum Texarkana, Ark 76-76-WD
Dudley Tayior Marshall, Tex 76-76-WD
Jimmy Greenwood Houston, Tex 77-76-WD
Wm. H. Williamson, Charlotte, N.C 77-76-WD
Dr. Grover Poole Jonesboro, Ark 75-79-WD
Charles de la Vergne New Orleans, La 75-79-WD
Vance Fulkerson Birmingham, Ala 76-78-WD
Fourth Flight
Johnny Hopkins Shreveport, La 80-76-76-74 305
Marshall Trammell Nashville, Tenn 77-78-75-76 306
W. L. Ferguson, Jr New Orleans, La- 77-78-74-78 307
Rick Procter Dallas, Tex 73-82-76-77 308
James Wittenberg Memphis, Tenn 75-81-74-78 308
Robert Flagler Shreveport, La 77-79-78-74 308
Dr. A. M. Hand Shreveport, La 76-79-75-79 309
Elbert Jemison, Jr Birmingham, Ala 77-78-77-78 310
Reed Mobley Texarkana, Tex 76-83-76-78 313
Arch Haynes Shreveport, La- 78-79-76-82 315
Jack Smithwick Shreveport, La 78-79-78-81 316
Robert Lee Abbott Dallas, Tex 76-79-77-WD
Burgett Mooney, Jr Rome, Ga 80-76-76-WD
Llewellyn Boyd Chattanooga. Tenn 78-79-76-WD
Dick Pride Tuscaloosa, Ala 77-82-74-WD
Charles Hall San Antonio, Tex 83-75-76-WD
Mike Malarkey Signal Mountain, 77-79-WD
Henry Cole Monroe, La 76-79-WD
Dick Hackett Rome, Ga 77-79-WD
James P. Clay Atlanta, Ga- 77-81-WD
Henry A. Bronner Shreveport, La 78-81-WD
Fifth Flight
Ed M. Thompson Montgomery, Ala 77-80-79-80 316
Richard Merritt Pass Christian, Miss 77-78-82-79 316
David R. Lee Pensacola, Fla 77-80-81-79 317
B. J. Almond Bossier City, La 75-83-80-79 317
William S. Ramsey Shreveport, La 76-83-79-82 320
Melvin Jackson, Jr Dallas, Tex 85-72-86-77 320
Tom Barnes Plantation, Fla 77-80-82-83 322
Leland Fisher Gulfport, Miss 74-82-83-84 323
Ronald Sparkman Keatchie, Tex 74-82-85-83 324
Oree Marsalis Shreveport, La 79-79-87-82 327
Kenneth Hardaway Plain Dealing, La 77-80-85-86 328
H. Clawson Shreveport, La 77-81-86-WD
James Tavlor Hallsville, Tex 77-82-84-WD
Billy Thomason Center, Tex 78-81-86-WD
Col. Oliver Rogers Texarkana, Tex 78-81-WD
Rick Rogers Texarkana, Tex 75-84-WD
Moulton A. Storey Shreveport, La 78-81-WD
Tony Meridith Texarkana, Tex 79-80-WD
George W. Bowden Alexandria, La 79-80-WD
David Lawrence New Orleans, La 83-76-WD
Jimmy Warren Bastrop, La 77-82-WD