By Peter Tufts

Pinehurst, North Carolina-Strong hitting Ben Crenshaw became the first Texan in over fifteen years to win the Southern Golf Association championship as he routed the field in the final round to win the 65th annual event at the famed Country Club of North Carolina.

Crenshaw was never over par as he toured the tough layout in rounds of 70-71-68-72 to win by four shots over Gary Koch, of Temple Terrace, Fla.

Veteran Dale Morey had been in a tight head-to-head duel with Crenshaw and Koch after the first 3 rounds but he had troubles off the tee the last round and tied at 287 with Tom Kite, Jr., Austin, Tex., for third place.

Crenshaw came into the Southern after a stunning seven shot victory in the National Collegiate championship where he and teammate Kite made the University of Texas a tough combine to handle.

The last Texan to win the Southern had been Joe Conrad who took the title by defeating Jimmv Wittenburg, of Memphis, in the 1954 finals. Wittenburg was in the field for the '71 championship.

Crenshaw had passed through Pinehurst a week or so before the tournament and set an unofficial course record while playing a practice round. Then in the first round of the tournament the 19-year-old Koch and Morey set a new record with matching 65s.

Morey and Koch matched 72s the second round and tied for medalist honors at the halfwav point with 137s, three in front of Kite and four ahead of Crenshaw.

Crenshaw finally got a share of the lead with a sizzling third round 68, his third sub-par round, as he and Morey headed to the last 18 with 209 totals. Crenshaw did not have a three putt through the first 54 holes, but faltered on the opening hole of the last round with a three putt, but he still moved ahead for good as Morey found trouble off the tee and took a double bogey six on the first hole.

It was Ben's first appearance in the Southern. He beat an outstanding field. Following Kite and Morey in third, followed former SGA Champion Vinny Giles in fifth at 289, Bobby Edgerton and Corker DeLoach tied for sixth at 290, Dick Pride in eighth and Georgians Charlie Harrison and Tommy Valentine in ninth place at 293.

The 1971 Southern drew a record field of 258 entries and the host Country Club of North Carolina went out of its way to assure the course would be in great condition.

Ben Crenshaw, Austin, TX 70-71-68-72-281
Gary Koch, Temple Terrace, FL 65-72-75-73-285
Dole Morey, High Point, NC 65-72-72-78-287
Tom Kite, Jr., Austin, TX 71-69-76-71-287
Vinny Giles, Richmond, VA 69-74-71-75-289
Bobby Edgerton, Raleigh, NC 71-72-73-74-290
Corker DeLoach, McMinnville, TN 73-73-69-75-290
Dick Pride, Tuscaloosa, AL 72-74-71-75-292
Charles Harrison, Atlanta, GA 71-74-73-75-293
Tommy Valentine, Gainesville, GA 72-72-79-70-293
Frank Powers, Raleigh, NC 73-71-74-76-294
Danny Yates, Atlanta, GA 72-73-75-74-294
Jackie Cummings, Tuscaloosa, AL 72-72-74-76-294
Richard Gaille, New Orleans, LA 75-73-77-69-294
James "Billy" Key, Columbus, GA 69-75-75-76-295
Eddie Pearce, Temple Terrace, FL 72-74-72-78-296
Stacy Russell, Scottsville, KY 70-74-75-77-296
Michael Kallam, Winston-Salem, NC 73-78-76-73-296
Bill Harvey, Jamestown, NC 71-75-77-73-296
Andy North, Conroe, TX 72-71-79-74-296
Jay Harris, High Point, NC 76-70-71-80-297
Vaughn Moise, New Orleans, LA 76-72-73-76-297
Bob Bryant, Charlotte, NC 72-72-78-75-297
Bill Argabrite, Kingsport, TN 75-69-78-76-298
Downing Gray, Pensacola, FL 72-75-75-76-298
Mickey Von Gerbig, Palm Beach, FL 74-74-76-74-298
Michael Hopson, Plano, TX 73-74-74-78-299
Bill Rogers, Texarkana, TX 74-74-73-79-300
Joey Dills, Muskogee, OK 73-75-77-75-300
James Trotter, Jr., Columbus, GA 75-71-72-82-300
Dr. Frank Holt, Birmingham, AL 75-71-76-80-302
Joe Harper, Lake Wales, FL 77-71-77-77-302
David Strawn, Charlotte, NC 72-74-78-79-303
Layne Wallock, Montgomery, AL 70-73-83-77-303
Charles Major, Birmingham, AL 71-72-79-85-307
Jack Shubert, Fern Pork, FL 75-73-76-83-307
Paul Darwin, Fort Worth, TX 70-75-80-83-308
Morris Beecroft, Newport News, VA 74-72-77-223-w/d
Frank Campbell, Huntsville, AL 71-74-80-225-w/d
Bill Daigle, Opelousas, LA 72-74-146-w/d
W. E. Whitten, Pensacola, FL 74-78-74-69-295
Mike Killian, St. Petersburg, FL 73-78-69-79-299
Tommy Evans, Dallas, TX 74-77-77-73-301
Denney Tewell, Stillwater, OK 79-73-70-79-301
Buddy Alexander, St. Petersburg, FL 73-76-75-77-301
Lyn Lott, Douglas, GA 71-78-72-81-302
Slate Tuttle, Winston-Salem, NC 75-74-77-76-302
Douglas Ballenger, Ruxton, MD 78-74-72-74-303
Jerry Greenbaum, Atlanta, GA 76-75-75-77-303
Chick Hunter, Charlotte, NC 74-77-73-79-303
Ken Scott, Atlanta, GA 74-77-75-77-303
Samuel Love, Shreveport, LA 74-77-75-78-304
Fred Ridley, Winter Haven, FL 74-76-81-73-304
Kevin Proctor, Bowling Green, KY 78-73-74-80-305
Larry Griffin, New Orleans, LA 77-74-74-81-306
E. Austin Jones, Orlando, FL 72-77-82-75-306
Pat Foy Brady, Reidsville, NC 77-72-79-79-307
William Rase, Covington, LA 77-75-81-74-307
Don Campbell, Jr., Gadsden, AL 74-76-78-80-308
Charles McCallum, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 76-76-78-80-310
Frank Wrenn, Greenville, SC 71-81-78-80-310
William Goodale, Camden, SC 71-80-78-82-311
Peter Wallenborn, III, Roanoke, VA 78-74-79-80-311
Van Lee, Jr., Bastrop, LA 72-77-81-81-311
Jim Brennan, Jr., Dothan, AL 75-76-83-78-312
Frank Shuford, Hickory, NC 75-77-81-80-313
Murphy Trahan, Jr., New Orleans, LA 73-79-82-82-316
C.C. Mangum, III, Southern Pines, NC 75-75-82-85-317
Tommy Burns, Selma, AL 76-75-77-230-w/d
Paul Simson, Dallas, TX 76-76-33-235-w/d
Howard Derrick, Huntsville, AL 76-75-84-235-w/d
Lawrence Hicks, Greensboro, NC 77-72-149-w/d
David Eger, Charlotte, NC 72-77-149-w/d
David Mannen, Houston, TX 76-75-151-w/d
Joe Thornton, Gulfport, MS 75-76-151-w/d
Charles Lynch, Bennettsville, SC 79-74-75-78-306
*Kipp Minter, Orlando, FL 77-79-78-73-307
Dick Culler, High Point, NC 73-82-81-71-307
Tommy Elkins, Baton Rouge, LA 77-79-78-74-308
Michael Ford, Winter Park, FL 74-79-76-79-308
Carlton Sowers, Eden, NC 77-77-75-79-308
Frederick Low, Greensboro, NC 79-76-77-77-309
Max Poteet, Jr., Morganton, NC 72-81-79-78-310
David Barnes, Atlanta, GA 77-77-77-79-310
Logan Jackson, Jr., Roxboro, NC 78-75-77-80-310
Craig Campbell, Midland, TX 75-78-78-80-311
Eben Dennis, Houston, TX 75-79-79-78-311
Mark Stephens, Madison, NC 74-81-79-77-311
Kevin Butler, Palm Beach, FL 78-78-78-78-312
Julian Arnold, Orlando, FL 77-79-78-79-313
Az Flowers, Dothan, AL 76-79-80-78-313
James Self, Jr., Greenwood, SC 75-80-81-78-314
Bud Dudley, Columbus, GA 78-78-82-76-314
Gus Sylvan, Columbus, SC 73-80-77-85-315
John Minor, III, Gloucester Pt., VA 77-77-80-81-315
Barry Flowers, Dothan, AL 74-79-82-80-315
Jay Hardwick, Blacksburg, VA 77-79-79-81-316
Brad Baldwin, St. Petersburg, FL 76-79-77-85-317
Robert Shelton, Monroe, LA 78-78-79-82-317
Roger Simkins, Chestertown, MD 73-81-84-79-317
Gary Babb, Huntsville, AL 79-77-80-81-317
William Williamson, Charlotte, NC 76-77-81-84-318
Carlton Dinkler, Miami, FL 75-79-82-83-319
Kit James, St. Petersburg, FL 79-77-80-84-320
0. S. Heilman, Columbia, SC 79-76-80-86-321
Richard Waters, Atlanta, GA 77-77-86-81-321
Randy Sansing, Lakeland, FL 75-80-79-234-w/d
Bobby Gause, Columbia, SC 76-79-79-234-w/d
Rod Stroman, Orangeburg, SC 77-78-81-236-w/d
Ron Gaiser, Birmingham, AL 76-80-156-w/d
*Placed 2nd in draw