By Grantland Rice, II
SGA Executive Secretary

Memphis, Tennessee-Despite what he termed erratic golf for most of the 72 holes, Atlanta's Tim Simpson played steady enough to win the 70th Southern Golf Association championship over the tough Colonial Country Club course.

It was the second time in three years for an Atlanta swinger to annex the Southern as Danny Yates had captured the 1974 title.

Simpson started the final round with a three-shot lead, quickly lost two shots of that on the first hole, then had to make a pressure two footer on the 72nd hole to nail down the crown.

Simpson went to the last hole with a seemingly safe two-shot lead. He slammed his approach shot 10 feet from the hole and it looked as if it would be easy.

However, Chip Beck, University of Georgia teammate of Simpson, knocked in a 12-foot birdie on the 72nd and suddenly Simpson's cinch looked shaky. He knocked his first putt two feet past, but then got it in for the title.

Simpson's rounds were 71-70-69-74 for a 284 total against Beck's four rounds of 70-72-71-72 for 285.

There really wasn't much suspense the last round as the other contenders fell by the wayside early.

College golfers, as expected, dominated the event. Behind the two Georgia University aces came Mitch Adcock, Mississippi State leader, and LSU'S Frank Gusmus at 287.

Gusmus, the home town favorite, was ruined by a 76 in the third round. He won medalist honors with a fine start of 69-70 for a 139 total and five under par.

First round leader Buddy Gardner, Auburn University, had opened with a blazing 66 but posted a second round 74 to lose medalist honors to Gusmus.

North Carolina again won the Bob Jones team title with a four-man total of 572 for 36 holes. The winning team was composed of Vance Haefner, Cary, 141; Chip Beck, Fayetteville, 142; Bill Harvey, Jamestown, 143, and Bob Bynam, Raleigh, 146.

Texas was runner-up in the team competition with a 576 total.

Carolina's victory was its third straight and 10 different players have won the cherished Jones plaques.

It took a score of 151 or better, seven over par, to make the 36-hole cut, and several outstanding players failed to stay around for the final 36, including the then current U. S. Amateur champion, Fred Ridley.

Behind the first four there was a three-way tie for fifth at 288 between Buddy Alexander, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Joe Hager, Dallas, and Haefner.

Tim Simpson 71-70-69-74-284
Chip Beck 70-72-71-72-285
Mitch Adcock 71-70-74-72-287
Frank Gusmus 69-70-76-72-287
Buddy Alexander 72-71-72-73-288
Joe Hager 69-74-75-70-288
Vance Heafner 72-69-72-75-288
David Edwards 75-70-71-73-289
Lindy Miller 68-76-73-72-289
Bob Byman 72-74-68-75-289
Donny Yates 71-72-73-75-291
Tim Wilson 73-75-74-70-292
Britt Harrison 73-74-72-74-293
Buddy Gardner 66-74-77-76-293
Bill Harvey 71-72-73-77-293
Sam Trahan 70-77-75-72-294
Monte Schauer 75-70-76-75-296
Gus Holbrook 74-75-73-74-296
Lindsey Spiller 76-73-74-74-297
Max Cupit 73-76-74-74-297
Lance Ten Broeck 74-72-75-77-298
Mike Taylor 76-70-76-76-298
Randy Simmons 76-71-76-75-298
Bill Wall 75-73-78-72-298
Harlan Fly, Jr 76-75-74-74-299
John Long 71-81-71-79-299
Alan Pate 73-74-78-75-300
Ken Scott 72-76-73-79-300
Frederick Law 75-76-71-79-301
Ron Johnson 72-75-79-75-301
Jerry Smith 70-73-76-82-301
Buck Leigh 75-76-72-79-302
Michael Booker 73-71-82-76-302
Kirk Goss 74-75-77-77-303
Putter Robbins 72-76-77-78-303
Paul Guido 72-75-78-78-303
Joe Iupe 71-75-85-72-303
Austin Jones 73-74-76-81-304
Randy Dacus 77-72-76-79-304
Greg Hays 72-79-75-78-304
John Gibbs 73-76-77-78-304
Bill Hamilton 75-74-74-82-305
Mike Houpe 79-72-83-71-305
Lee Cheairs 75-76-76-78-305
Lawrence Fortney 75-73-80-77-305
Reggie Cusick 74-74-79-79-306
John Jones 76-75-81-74-306
Harcourt Kemp 72-74-85-76-307
Ken Morgan 73-77-78-70-308
Ronald Kilby 76-75-80-77-308
David Abell 76-74-80-79-309
Tom Losinger 73-72-79-86-310
Miles Donaldson 73-76-80-81-310
Larry Rinker 74-70-87-79-310
Jay Fullerton 76-74-79-82-311
Jack Snyder 76-74-78-84-312
Bobby Baker 74-76-82-81-313
Dick Horne 74-75-81-86-316
Jim Adams No card
Randolph Sonnier No card
Jay Harris Withdrew