By Grantland Rice, II
SGA Executive Secretary

Tarpon Springs, Florida-There really was only one big story during the 72nd annual Southern Golf Association championship played at Innisbrook and that was RAIN.

As the staff at Innisbrook said, it should have been named the H-2-0 Open for neither the Southern nor Innisbrook had ever faced such problems in trying to complete a major championship.

Jim Woodward, of Oklahoma State, shook off the conditions to win his most prestigious title by three shots as he held off the late challenge of Vance Heafner with a 72-hole total of 291.
The opening day was rained out after about two hours of play and the monsoons continued, wiping out the second round before it got started.

The conditions caused a 36-hole windup on Sunday, a day after the scheduled finish, and through it all Woodward was steady as a rock with rounds of 72-72-72-75.

Innisbrook is a true test without any added problems and under the conditions the 291 total was a fine 72-hole showing. In fact, the only score under 70 all week was by Robert Tway, of Georgia, when he shot a remarkable 68 over the third round.

At the end of Saturday's play, which was the 36-hole mark, Woodward and Jon Chaffee, Universitv of Texas player, were tied at 144. Then Woodward produced his 147 finish during perfect weather for the 36-hole finish while Chaffee found nothing but troubleshooting 92-82 and finished way down in the pack.

Meanwhile young Heafner, son of former touring pro Clayton Heafner, closed with a strong 70 and added to his opening play of 71-78-75 he moved to the runner-up position.

Todd Smith, of Raleigh, N. C., and John McGough, of Greenville, Miss., tied for third at 298, and tied for fifth at 299 were Lindy Miller, the defending champion from Oklahoma State, and Randy Wilkins, University of Kentucky player.

Miller had rounds of 74-78-71-76 as he never really got it going to move into contention.

The most amazing feat was by Buddy Alexander, of Statesboro, Ga., by taking only five shots on the Island course's tough par five No. 2 hole over the 36 holes Sunday. First he picked up an eagle, then on the second time around he battered that with a double eagle. He shot 71 the first 18 on Sunday and 79 the next time around.

It was probably a miracle that the tournament was finished at all and a lot of the credit had to go to Arlin Grant and his ground crew as they worked from dawn till dark to make the course playable.

Jim Woodward, Oklahoma State 72-72-72-75-291
Vance Heafner, Cary, NC 71-78-75-70-294
Todd Smith, Raleigh, NC 79-72-73-74-298
John McGough, Greenville, MS 74-74-73-77-298
Randy Wilkins, Kentucky 76-74-74-75-299
Lindy Miller, Oklahoma State 74-78-71-76-299
Hal Sutton, Shreveport, LA 76-70-78-77-301
Joe Hodge, Tampa, FL 76-75-77-73-301
Steven Leibler, University of South Carolina 72-77-77-76-302
Robert Tway, Marietta, GA 80-73-68-81-302
Doug Brehme, St. Petersburg, FL 80-74-72-77-303
Jack Veghte, Clearwater, FL 73-77-76-77-305
Mark Lawrence, Maryland 77-75-70-82-304
Pete Willians, Stetson 78-74-77-75-304
Jeff Goettman, Duke 74-77-75-79-305
Buddy Alexander, Statesboro, GA 76-79-71-79-305
Ricky Gregg, Knoxville, TN 75-77-79-74-305
Bill Bergin, Marietta, GA 79-73-75-78-305
Larry Jones, University of Maryland 73-75-79-79-306
Ralph Landrum, Lexington, KY 74-76-79-77-306
Tom Reynolds, North Carolina State 80-73-77-76-306
Kevin King, University of North Carolina 77-74-79-77-307
Austin Jones, Orlando, FL 76-74-75-87-307
John McKey, Delray Beach, FL 74-77-78-78-307
Rick Pearson, Bradenton, FL 77-73-80-78-308
Ken Snyder, Winter Haven, FL 72-79-80-78-309
William Buttner, University of North Carolina 72-79-80-78-309
Vance Whicker, Greensboro, SC 75-77-79-78-309
George Creagh, Nashville, TN 72-78-80-80-310
Bubba Wilson, Tupelo, MS 75-78-80-78-310
Al Forney, Macon, GA 75-77-77-81-310
Mel Calender, San Marcos, TX 78-76-81-85-310
Lionel Bailey, Alexandria, LA 78-77-74-81-310
Dennis Deja, SPJC 79-76-76-79-310
Dan Yates, Atlanta, GA 76-78-78-79-311
Clay Long, Natchez, MS 79-74-79-79-311
Mark Gammell, Houston, TX 74-75-79-83-311
David Allen, Arkansas 76-73-82-81-312
R. H. Widener, Charleston, SC 77-78-79-78-312
Steve Hart, Tequesta, FL 75-76-81-80-312
Kevin Walsh, Clemson, SC 75-75-81-82-313
E. D. Brantley, Signal Mountain, TN 72-78-76-81-314
Ken Scott, Marietta, GA 76-77-75-87-315
John Jones, Tampa, FL 79-74-83-79-315
Jerry Greenbaum, Atlanta, GA 80-75-79-81-315
John Jacobs, St. Petersburg 78-77-80-80-315
Stanley Sargeant, Florida 73-77-83-83-316
Buck Leigh, Columbia, SC 82-73-78-83-316
Marc Linton, Florida 78-77-80-81-316
Bill Scott, Huntsville, AL 77-78-81-80-316
Bob Kramer, Prmbrke Pines 74-78-81-84-317
Jon Choffee, Texas 71-73-92-82-318
Chris Cookson, Mobile, AL 77-78-81-83-319
Cleve Coldwater, Huntsville, AL 76-79-81-83-319
David Anthony, Andalusia, AL 75-78-81-86-320
Pril Powers, Memphis, TN 78-75-86-81-320
Robert Hartmann, Memphis, TN 78-74-85-84-321
Richard Hope, St. Petersburg, FL 77-78-83-83-321
Steve Hudson, Jasper, AL 79-76-84-83-322
Gary Chazen, Union City 78-77-84-84-323
Steve Lowery, Birmingham, AL 76-79-79-89-323
Tom Randall, Charleston, SC 74-80-82-88-324
Ralph Ellis, Irving, TX 75-80-86-85-326
Daniel Porter, Houston 77-78-87-84-326
Chris Newman, Fayetteville 76-79-87-84-326
William Hyndman, Pine Tree No Card