Houston, Texas-The rainy weather that has prevailed for the past three Championships of the Southern Golf Association was never in question for the entire period of play for the 1980 Championship played over the Cypress Creek Course of the Champions Golf Club in Houston. On the contrary, we were blessed with clear, hot, sunshiny days throughout the entire period of the Championship. In addition to receiving full cooperation from a weather standpoint, and wonderful treatment and hospitality from the entire staff at the Champions Golf Club; we also were afforded playing conditions on this outstanding Championship Course which were truly magnificent-thanks to the dedicated work of the golf course Superintendent and his crew.

Bob Tway of Marietta, Georgia, and a member of the Oklahoma State University Golf Team, played superb golf throughout the four-day tournament period of the 74th Southern Golf Association Championship returning scores of 68-66-70-69-273, and was the winner by a margin of eleven strokes over Cecil Ingram, III, a member of the University of Alabama Golf Team, and a resident of Birmingham, Alabama who was a semi-finalist in the 1979 USGA Amateur Championship. Ingram had rounds of 68-68-73-75 for a total of 284, which is 4 under par for the 72-hole route.

Tway had finished in a tie for second in the 1979 Southern Golf Association Championship at Pinehurst, North Carolina; but he was not to be denied this year. Each of his four rounds were sub-par performances and the 273 total score returned by Tway, which is 15 under par, ties the SGA record that was set by Ben Crenshaw in the 1973 Championship which was also held at this same Champions Golf Club in Houston.

Finishing 3rd was Jack Veghte of Clearwater, Florida with a very fine four under par total of 284 comprised of rounds of 72-72-67-73. The tie for second place between Ingram and Veghte was won by Ingram after matching scorecards in the final round beginning with Hole No. 1 in accordance with the pre-tournament published method of resolving ties for other than the Championship.

Bob Wolcott of Dickson, Tennessee took the 4th spot with a two under par total of 286. Wollcott's rounds can be described as both interesting and unusual in that the scores in each of his four rounds were confined to the use of only the numericals 6 and 7 as contained in his scores of 67-76-76-67. His first round score of 67 consisted of nines of 37-30 and he was the leader after the first 18 holes of play.

Fifth place was won by Dennis Walsh of Groves, Texas, with a one under par total of 287 and Terry Snodgrass of Arlington, Texas, was 6th with a total score of 288 even par.

Rounding out the top ten, Griff Moody of Athens, Georgia and John Pallot of Coral Gables, Florida were tied for 7th with scores of 189; Downing Gray of Pensacola, Florida was 9th with 289; and Rafael Alarcon of Guadalahara, Mexico who won the 1979 Championship, shared 10th place with Joe Iupe of Canton, Mississippi with scores of 291.

After the first round of play Tway was one shot behind Wolcott and tied with Ingram, but this situation quickly changed as play continued. After the second round Tway took over the lead and held a two-stroke advantage over Ingram who was his nearest competitor. This lead continued to widen during the third round, after which his advantage over Ingram increased to five strokes. During the final round Tway continued his attack on the course and it become merely a question of how much his winning margin would become.

Tway was also the medalist and his 36-hole total of 68-66-134 was ten strokes under par. This score establishes a new SGA record. The previous record of 135 was jointly held by three players Bill Rogers, Mike Killian and Vance Haefner as they respectively set in the 1972, 1973 and 1974 Championships.

The Bob Jones Trophy was won by Georgia, after a third round playoff with Texas since they were tied at the end of the first 36 holes of play. Georgia's 36-hole team score of 569 was based on the scores of Bob Tway, Marietta (134); Griff Moody, Athens (141); Jack Larkin, Atlanta (145) and Madden Hatcher, Columbus (149).

Bob Tway, Marietta, Georgia 68-66-70-69-273
Cecil Ingram, Birmingham, Alabama 68-68-73-75-284
Jack Veghte, Clearwater, Florida 72-72-67-73-284
Bob Wolcott, Dickson, Tennessee 67-76-76-67-286
Dennis Walsh, Groves, Texas 69-69-72-77-287
Terry Snodgrass, Arlington, Texas 72-73-71-72-288
Griff Moody, Athens, Georgia 70-71-71-77-289
John Pallott, Coral Gables, Florida 73-69-75-72-289
Downing Gray, Pensacola, Florida 70-73-73-74-290
Rafael Alarcon, Guadalajara, Mexico 73-70-76-72-291
Joe Iupe, Canton, Mississippi 69-73-74-75-291
Hal Sutton, Shreveport, Louisiana 72-77-70-73-292
Ray Beallo, Houston, Texas 72-72-75-73-292
Biff Jackson, Richardson, Texas 75-73-74-70-292
Ignacio DeLeon, Sugar Land, Texas 72-72-71-77-292
Jack Larkin, Atlanta, Georgia 73-72-73-74-292
Blaine McCallister, Ft. Stockton, Texas 77-68-76-71-292
Pete Byman, Raleigh, North Carolina 76-69-73-75-293
Steve Lowery, Birmingham, Alabama 73-73-75-73-294
Dicky Thompson, Peachtree City, Georgia 77-73-75-69-294
Billy Varn, Jacksonville, Florida 72-76-71-75-294
Bill Holstead, Wichita Falls, Texas 72-76-76-71-295
Steve Hart, Tequesta, Florida 69-76-77-74-296
Howard Knowles, Houston, Texas 75-72-73-76-296
Wes Mohr, Houston, Texas 71-77-73-75-296
Todd McGrew, Dallas, Texas 76-73-73-75-297
John Huston, Dunedin, Florida 73-75-77-72-297
Dudley Bienvenu, Opelousas, Louisiana 77-73-73-75-298
Doug Nelle, Austin, Texas 80-70-72-76-298
Carl Poche, Metairie, Louisiana 74-75-79-70-298
Mark Brooks, Ft. Worth, Texas 75-71-72-80-298
John Horne, Plainview, Texas 73-74-75-77-299
Franklin Craig, Houston, Texas 76-73-75-75-299
Bret Weaver, Memphis, Tennessee 72-74-81-72-299
Richard Ellis, Plano, Texas 71-76-76-76-299
Todd Mavis, Humble, Texas 73-77-76-73-299
David Hackstadt, Birmingham, Alabama 74-72-80-74-300
Mike Lockwood, Houston, Texas 76-73-74-77-300
Joey Mooneyham, Shreveport, Louisiana 74-75-76-76-301
Carl Bielstein, San Antonio, Texas 70-79-78-74-301
Ray Barr, Grand Prairie, Texas 78-72-73-78-301
Sandy Pierce, Houston, Texas 74-76-76-75-301
Mike Neece, Dallas, Texas 69-75-79-78-301
Madden Hatcher, Columbus, Georgia 73-76-76-77-302
Terry Collier, Norman, Oklahoma 73-77-78-74-302
Frederick Law, High Point, North Carolina 74-74-78-76-302
Woody Thames, Beaumont, Texas 78-72-77-75-302
Ed Reed, Arab, Alabama 72-75-76-80-303
Johnson Ramsey, Shreveport, Louisiana 73-73-81-76-303
Doug Brehme, St. Petersburg, Florida 76-74-78-76-304
Jeffrey Levers, Lafayette, Louisiana 77-73-78-76-304
Wyn Norwood, Little Rock, Arkansas 74-76-77-77-304
Bob Rawlins, Dallas, Texas 73-76-76-79-304
David Snyder, Winter Haven, Florida 78-70-79-77-304
Jay Kent, Jacksonville, Texas 73-73-80-79-305
Robert McKinney, Houston, Texas 74-76-79-76-305
Jeffrey Boies, Houston, Texas 73-77-80-77-307
Robert Stanger, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 72-76-77-82-307
Steve Hudson, Jasper, Alabama 74-75-77-82-308
Gene Aune, Dallas, Texas 75-75-79-79-308
Michael Zorcaro, Seabrook, Texas 76-74-77-82-309
Jud Stockard, Florence, Alabama 73-77-80-80-310
Jeff Kaufman, Birmingham, Alabama 75-73-83-80-311
Ricky Taylor, Houston, Texas 72-71-83-85-311
Paul Hindsley, Winnetka, Illinois 73-77-83-79-312

 The George W. Adair Memorial Trophy was permanently enshrined in the Bob Jones Trophv Roam at the Atlanta Athletic Club in 1978, and an agreement was reached with Waterford Crystal, Limited, in Ireland, to design a trophy which would be presented annually to the SGA Champion.