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Class of 2020
  • Price Brown: University of Alabama-Birmingham
  • JP Cave: University of Alabama
  • Aubrie Cagle: Union Univiersity
  • Harrison Davis: Mississippi State University
  • Ryan Eshleman: Auburn University
  • Dawson Garrett: University of North Alabama
  • Sam Gargis: University of North Georgia
  • Lauren Gilchrist: Middle Tennessee State University
  • Garrison Guthrie: University of Alabama-Birmingham
  • Matthew Madden: Samford University
  • Michaela Morard: University of Alabama
  • Will Patrick: Louisiana Tech University
  • Tori Roush: University of North Alabama
  • Mac Scott: Furman University
  • Emilia Smith: University of Alabama-Birmingham
  • Sarah Utley: Belmont University
Class of 2021
  • Cole Davidson: Auburn University
  • Jones Free: University of Alabama
  • Gordon Sargent: Vanderbilt University
  • Morgan Jones: Auburn University

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