Club Education & Authorization

Club Education & Authorization
Must be completed by October 1, 2021

To aid in completing the quiz, please use the below links to reference a World Handicap System Slide Deck along with a printable version of the actual quiz questions and multiple-choice answers that references the Slide Deck for the correct answers. We encourage you to complete the paper form of the quiz then simply enter your answers into the online quiz link for verification by the USGA.

2021 USGA Club Authorization Assessment

World Handicap System Slide Deck (PDF)

Printable 20-Question Quiz (PDF)

Take Open-Book Online Quiz (16 of 20 correct answers is passing)

2020 Rules of Handicapping Manual (PDF)

*Note: Failure to pass the quiz will result in the USGA (not the AGA) setting a club's members Handicap Indexes to NH (No Handicap) until the requirement is completed. Either club staff member(s) or a handicap committee member(s) should be able to complete the quiz in less than 30 minutes. Only one person per club needs to pass.

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