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"Don't force your kids into sports.  I never was.  To this day, my dad has never asked me to play golf.  I ask him.  It's the childs desire to play that matters, not the parents desire to have the child play.  Fun! Keep it fun". - Tiger Woods

Parental Do's:
  • Stay involved in a postive way
  • Be supportive, interested, and encouraging
  • Forbid cheating, quiting, and lack of sportsmanship
  • Discourage temperamental behavior and vulgarity
  • Stress the lifetime value of golf as a sport
Parental Don'ts:
  • Expect financial returns from your child's interests
  • Put extreame pressure on your child to win
  • Display negative emotion, frustration, anger, fear, or nervousness on the course
  • Be a Coach or Rules Official
  • Equate your own self-worth with your child's performance