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Sadie Roberts Award

It is not too strong a statement to say that Sadie Roberts was responsible for the start of organized women’s golf in the state of Alabama. As the president of the Women’s Southern Golf Association in 1928, she wanted the women golfers in Alabama to have their own organization and state amateur championship. The very next year, her desire became a reality after campaigning across the state single handily. The first women’s state amateur was held at the Country Club of Birmingham. Subsequently, she served as president of the WAGA for a remarkable 22 years. She was inducted into the BGA Hall of Fame in 1967. In 2009, to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the WAGA, their Special Award was renamed the Sadie Roberts Award. It will now be given to outstanding men’s and women’s volunteers to the AGA.


Sadie Roberts Award Recipients

1976 Bonnie Bryan
1977 Pete Cowart
1978 Helen Smalley
1979 Betty Horton
1980 Sadie Roberts
1981 Ruth Watkins
1982 Sue Whiting
1983 Jeannette Sell
1984 Sherry Scott
1985 Marty Webb
1986 Alice Till
1987 Jean Gilmer
1988 Ann Upchurch
1989 Stone Hodo
1990 Gloria Kurtts
1991 Mattie Devan
1992 Thelma Mattison
1993 Patty Faulkner
1994 Jean Miller
1995 Ouida Cunningham
1996 Judy Taylor
1997 Baker Smith
1998 Virginia Beavers
1999 Helen Hallmark
2000 Mary Dean Gray
2001 Janie Solomon
2003 Jane Hooper
2004 Sandra Smith
2005 Ann Watlington
2006 Alice Mullen
2007 Pat Underwood
2008 Chris Marr
2009 Helen Walker
2010 Elaine Yost
2010 Warren Belser
2011 Carol Lell
2011 Jim Haygood
2015 Sarah Hazen
2015 Janet Mardick
2015 Janet Haines
2017 Larry Kniseley
2018 Everett Kelly
2019 Dr. Art Kelly