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Southern Junior Cup


The Southern Junior Cup is an invite-only, Ryder Cup format co-ed team competition with four states that compete: Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Alabama. The format consists of 18 holes of match play with Four-Ball, Foursomes, and Singles Match Play sessions.  Each match is worth 1 point. Half point to each side for a tie.  Each state competes against the other three states in an equal number of matches.  Four-Ball and Foursomes partners consists of one male and one female sides, while individual matches pits male vs. male and female vs. female. All members of the Southern Junior Cup Team must participate in a minimum of one (1) Alabama Golf Association event in the current year.

Current Site

2020: Arkansas Golf Association
          August 2020 - TBD

Future Sites

2021: Mississippi
2022: Missouri
2023: Alabama: Willow Point Golf and Country Club, Alexander City, AL
2024: Arkansas