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When to Start

The best time to start a child is as soon as they show interest in playing golf.  It is important to expose them to the game and foster their interest as they begin to get excited.  One way to initially introduce them to the game of golf is to take them to the driving range and let them swing away. At this stage in their development it important to let their attention span determine the length of the session.  The more fun they have at the golf course in the beginning, the more involved with the game they will become.  

PGA Professionals recommend that formal instruction should start once the child enters school. By that age, most children have the attention span and understanding to benefit from golf instruction.  The first focus should always be learning the proper grip and when your child gets out on the golf course, play as many holes as the child is engaged for.  

For any beginner, the most important factor in becoming a life-long golfer is fun.