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What is the AGA eClub?

AGA eClub is an Internet golf club for  golfers who do not wish to join a traditional "green grass" club and can join the AGA directly online.  AGA eClub members typically do not have a prior affiliation with each other prior to joining the club. Registration is quick, easy, and entirely online.  Members who join the AGA eClub receive all the same AGA  member benefits  such as a Handicap Index © , AGA championships, discounted travel through Affinity Travel Benefits, member only travel program to international destinations, GHIN mobile score posting app, USGA national championship eligibility and many other benefits.

Annual AGA eClub membership dues are 
$48.00 per year (ages 19+) and complimentary for junior golfers age 18 and under. Membership is valid  on a calendar year basis from January to December. Please note: Registrations and renewals made on November 2nd or later are applied towards the following year's membership. 
For more information about eClub membership, contact the Alabama Golf Association at 205-979-1234 or by  email .
Important: You must register for the AGA eClub using your Alabama residential address.  Membership applications are placed into a "Pending" status until your membership application can be verified and processed by the AGA staff. Once your membership status is determined then you will receive a confirmation email. This process could take up to 3 business days to process.  

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