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Membership Benefits

The Alabama Golf Association provides many benefits to its members at both the individual and club level


Handicap Index
  • Whether competing in a AGA championship, USGA national championship or an event at your club, participants must have an active Handicap Index. The purpose of the World Handicap System is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling golfers of different abilities the chance to compete on an equal basis. The AGA uses GHIN, a service of the USGA, to provide handicap services to its members and member clubs. Handicap Index will be revised on the following day after a score is posted throughout the year. 

Tournament Program
  • A tournament program of 23 amateur championship events for all levels of golfer abilities and ages, qualifying events and 3 team match competitions.
  • Qualifying for USGA national championships.
  • Online tournament registration.
  • Expense assistance for USGA Junior Amateur and USGA Girls' Junior qualifiers from Alabama.

Discounted Travel Perks
  • Save up to 70% on hotels, concert/sporting event/theatre tickets through Affinity Travel Benefits.

International Golf Trips
  • AGA conducts an annual International golf trip for members to destinations such as Northern Ireland and Southwest Ireland.

  • Up-to-date website with the latest AGA news, tournament results, handicap score posting, game tracker and handicap verification.
  • Clearinghouse for tournament sites and dates for junior, senior and other amateur competitions.
  • A central source of answers for all golfers about the Rules of Golf, Rules of Amateur Status and Amateur Reinstatement.
  • Twice monthly eNewsletter email.

  • Free GHIN/AGA mobile app to post a score, statistic tracking, course handicap calculations and view score posting history. 
  • Rules of Golf and handicap seminar presentations for member clubs and individual AGA members.
  • Hole-in-one program for recognizing aces made by AGA members.

  • A dedicated professional staff to service the needs at AGA member clubs and it's membership.
  • A summer intern program that offers opportunity to work in golf administration.


USGA Liaison
  • AGA serves as the Allied Golf Association to deliver USGA core services in the State of Alabama.

Member Club Directory (Online)
  • Representation in AGA's online member club directory, featuring an interactive custom map, dynamic search of name, facility type, city or zip code with club detail including contact information, website link, and facility type. Search Member Club Directory

Course Rating
  • The AGA is licensed by the USGA to rate golf courses and issue USGA Course and Slope Ratings. This service is offered as a benefit to AGA member clubs.

GHIN and World Handicap System
  • The purpose of the World Handicap System is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling golfers of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis.
  • The AGA provides the GHIN handicap service that is the most widely used system in the United States including a tournament management package called USGA Tournament Management powred by Golf Genius.
  • Clubs must become authorized in order to utilize the World Handicap System and issue a Handicap Index to their members. The AGA conducts handicap seminars to help educate and certify its member clubs.
  • AGA member clubs interested in a World Handicap System presentation at their club are encouraged to contact the AGA.

Rules of Golf Services
  • AGA Rules of Golf workshops are conducted throughout the Alabama each spring. Additionally, AGA member club can request a Rules of Golf presentation for their membership.

  • AGA supports the Alabama Turfgrass Research Foundation to help fund their research projects.
  • Assist member clubs with contacting the USGA Green Section Agronomy Service.

  • Alabama Women's Scholarship Fund to assist exceptional young women in Alabama pursue four years of higher education at an accredited college within the State.

Marketing Services (coming in the future)
  • The AGA provides a variety of digital marketing services at a discounted rate to its member clubs.
  • AGA Member Promotions: promote your club to individual AGA members to boost rounds and increase revenue. 

  • Up-to-date AGA website ( with the latest news, tournament results, handicap score posting, game tracker and handicap verification.
  • AGA Annual Meeting
  • The AGA stays abreast of legislative issues and supports industry initiatives that impact golf in the Alabama.

  • Ability to host AGA Championships, tournament and USGA qualifiers to boost revenue and club exposure. Events are only held at AGA member clubs.