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Team Georgia Rallies to Win Southeastern Challenge Match

Valdosta, Ga. (courtesy of Georgia State Golf Association) - Georgia captured 17.5 points of a possible 24 points available to each team on Monday during singles matches to win the 2019 Southeastern Challenge Match at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club in Valdosta. The biennial competition features male amateur golfers representing the Georgia State Golf Association, the Florida State Golf Association and the Alabama Golf Association.

Florida led by five points going into the final day of action, but the Peach State's strong showing during singles matches propelled Team Georgia to a second-straight victory in the competition. You can find results of Team Georgia's singles matches below.

LINKS: Hole-by-Hole Scoring Results

Day 2 Singles Matches
Georgia vs. Alabama
Stephen Behr (Georgia) tied Stewart Whitt (Alabama)
Victor Kyatt (Alabama) defeated David Denham (Georgia) (1-up)
Stan Gann, Jr. (Georgia) defeated Jackson King (Alabama) (4-and-3)
Keith Guest (Georgia) defeated Josh Upton (Alabama) (3-and-1)
Jack Hall (Georgia) defeated Joey Holley (Alabama) (6-and-5)
Walker Grant (Alabama) defeated Doug Hanzel (Georgia) (2-up)
Billy Mitchell (Georgia) defeated Richard Jeffers (Alabama) (5-and-3)
David Noll, Jr. (Georgia) defeated James Salter (Alabama) (1-up)
Robert Nelson (Alabama) defeated Bob Royak (Georgia) (4-and-2)
Tim Schaetzel (Georgia) defeated James Medley (Alabama) (4-and-2)
Taylor Smith (Georgia) defeated Will Swift (Alabama) (5-and-4)
Woodie Eubanks defeated Chris Waters (Georgia) (3-and-2)

Alabama vs. Florida
Stewart Whitt (Alabama) defeated Chip Brooke (Florida) (3-and-2)
Victor Kyatt (Alabama) defeated Marc Dull (Florida) (1-up)
Scott Turner (Florida) defeated Jackson King (Alabama) (4-and-3)
Daniel Debra (Florida) defeated Josh Upton (Alabama) (3-and-1)
Joey Holley (Alabama) tied Don Whittemore (Florida)
Jimmy Jones (Florida) defeated Walker Grant (Alabama) (3-an-2)
Pete Williams (Florida) defeated Richard Jeffers (Alabama) (5-and-3)
Joe Alfieri (Florida) defeated James Salter (Alabama) (4-and-3)
Robert Nelson (Alabama) defeated Mike Finster (Florida)  (5-and-3)
James Medley (Alabama) defeated Jordan Batchelor (Florida) (1 up)
Steve Carter (Florida) defeated Will Swift (Alabama) (4-and-3)
Woodie Eubanks (Alabama) defeated Devon Hopkins (Florida) (4-and-2)

Georgia vs. Florida
Behr (Georgia) defeated Chip Brooke (Florida (5-and-4)
Denham (Georgia) defeated Marc Dull (Florida) (2-up)
Gann (Georgia) defeated Scott Turner (Florida) (2-and-1)
Guest (Georgia) defeated Daniel Debra (Florida) (2-and-1)
Hall (Georgia) defeated Don Whittemore (Florida) (5-and-4)
Jimmy Jones (Florida) defeated Hanzel (Georgia) (2-and-1)
Mitchell (Georgia) defeated Pete Williams (Florida) (2-up)
Joe Alfieri (Florida) defeated Noll (Georgia) (3-and-2)
Royak (Georgia) defeated Mike Finster (Florida) (1-up)
Schaetzel (Georgia) defeated Jordan Batchelor (Florida) (4-and-2)
Smith (Georgia) defeated Steve Carter (Florida) (2-and-1)
Waters (Georgia) defeated Devon Hopkins (Florida) (3-and-1)


Day Two Score:

Georgia – 17.5

Alabama – 10.0

Florida – 8.5


Day One Score:
Florida - 13.0
Georgia - 8.0
Alabama - 6.0

Final Score:
Georgia - 25.5
Florida - 21.5
Alabama - 16.0

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