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World Handicap System

To help educate our membership, we strongly encourage you to utilize the resources that we have gathered for you below. You may want to link your website to this page and we highly recommend printing out the WHS infographic posters and displaying them around your club. Please continue to check back often as we will continue to update this page as more information becomes available. 

World Handicap System Online Training Webinars (4-Part Video Series) Club Authorization and Certification Online Quiz (must be completed by August 31, 2020)
To aid in completing the quiz, please use the below links to reference a World Handicap System Slide Deck along with a printable version of the actual quiz questions and multiple-choice answers that references the Slide Deck for the correct answers. We encourage you to complete the paper form of the quiz then simply enter your answers into the online quiz link for verification by the USGA.
*Note: Failure to pass the quiz will result in the USGA (not the AGA) setting a club's members Handicap Indexes to NH (No Handicap) until the requirement is completed. Either club staff member(s) or a handicap committee member(s) should be able to complete the quiz in less than 30 minutes. Only one person per club needs to pass.

WHS Resources for Golfers
WHS Resources for Club Administrators *Note: USGA Tournament Management will still be operational during the WHS transition period. However, access to update Handicap Indexes will not be available during the transition.

Recorded Online Training Webinars Conducted by USGA for Club Administrators - Click link to watch video presentation
Session Description
Admin Portal
Review golfer administration tasks including score posting and Handicap Index management. (59:52 in length)
Kiosk Setup & Overview
Learn how to setup a Club Kiosk and see a demonstration of the Kiosk features and functionality. (45:33 in length)
Launch Prep Preparing your club and golfers for utilizing the new GHIN Product Suite. (56:03 in length)
Template Reports Review of the available reports for  club admins.