Team Alabama Successfully Defends Southern Junior Cup

Team Alabama - 2017 Southern Junior Cup Champions


OXFORD, MS – Day two results of the 6th Southern Junior Cup Matches hosted by The Country Club of Oxford in Oxford, MS on Thursday, August 3, 2017.

Entering the final day with a narrow 1.5 point lead, Alabama posted a 11-0-1 record in Thursday’s singles matches to finish with 19.5 total points and successfully defend the Southern Junior Cup title over its counterparts from Arkansas, Mississippi and Missouri. Host state Mississippi and Arkansas tied for second with 10.5 points. Missouri finished fourth with 7.5 points.

Alabama, competing in this event for the second time, replaced Oklahoma who won the first four playing of the Southern Junior Cup from 2012-15.

Southern Junior Cup format consists of 18 holes of match play with Four-Ball, Foursomes, and Singles Match Play sessions. Each match is worth 1 point. Half point to each side for a tie. Each state competes against the other three states in an equal number of matches. Four-Ball and Foursomes partners consists of one male and one female sides, while individual matches pits male vs. male and female vs. female.

Future Host Sites: Missouri (2018), Alabama (2019)

This event is jointly conducted by the Alabama Golf Association, Arkansas State Golf Association, Missouri Golf Association and Mississippi Golf Association.

Day 2 Singles Matches


Missouri (Peter Weaver) def. Arkansas (Josh McNulty), 6 & 4

Alabama (J.P. Cave) def. Missouri (Taylor Haltom), 7 & 5   

Arkansas (Blaine Calhoon) def. Mississippi (Jake Kight), 4 & 3

Mississippi (CJ Easley) def. Missouri (Jack Rundle), 2 & 1

Alabama (Connor Newton) def. Mississippi (Cameron Clarke), 5 & 4

Alabama (Padric Sim) def. Arkansas (Connor Gaunt), 1 up  

Missouri (Jeff Norman) def. Arkansas (Logan Greer), 2 & 1

Alabama (Ethan Hagood) def. Missouri (Dawson Meek), 6 & 4

Alabama (Austin Coggin) def. Arkansas (Jackson Marseilles), 5 & 4

Alabama (John Racciatti) def. Mississippi (Kye Meeks), 5 & 4

Mississippi (Wilson Baker) def. Missouri (Alex Locke), 4 & 3           

Arkansas (Noah Minton) vs. Mississippi (Jake Crosson), Halved


Arkansas (Josie Roberson) de. Missouri (Taryn Overstreet), 3 &2

Alabama (Michaela Morard) def. Missouri (Samantha Cornelius), 8 & 6

Arkansas (Elizabeth Moon) def. Mississippi (Riley Mayhew), 4 & 3

Missouri (Amber Wilson) def. Mississippi (Tristan Cooley), 2 up

Alabama (Jordan Susce) def. Mississippi (Karley Whittington), 5 & 4

Alabama (Sophie Burks) def. Arkansas (Hannah Bakalekos), 2 & 1

Missouri (Allison Bray) def. Arkansas (Sydney Staton), 1 up 

Alabama (Mychael O'Berry) def. Missouri (Kate Keuss), 1 up

Alabama (Ally Williams) def. Arkansas (Alexis Montgomery), 4 & 3

Alabama (Karlee Allen) vs. Mississippi (Avery Pool), Halved

Mississippi (Sarah Johnson) Missouri (Olivia Sowers), 2 & 1

Arkansas (MacKenzie Lee) def. Mississippi (Presley Baggett), 2 up

Day 2 Singles Score:

Alabama 11.5; Arkansas 4.5; Mississippi 4; Missouri 4



Day 1 Results

AM Four-Ball Matches

Mississippi (Karley Whittington / CJ Easley) vs. Arkansas (Elizabeth Moon / Logan Greer), Halved

Arkansas (Sydney Staton / Blaine Calhoon) def. Alabama (Austin Coggin / Karlee Allen), 2 up

Alabama (Ethan Hagood / Mychael O'Berry) def. Mississippi (Riley Mayhew / Wilson Baker), 2 & 1

Alabama (Connor Newton / Jordan Susce) def. Missouri (Dawson Meek / Taryn Overstreet),  4 & 2

Alabama (J.P. Cave / Sophie Burks) def. Arkansas (Hannah Bakalekos / Jackson Marseilles), 4&3

Arkansas (Josie Roberson / McNulty, Josh) def. Missouri (Allison Bray / Peter Weaver), 4&3

Alabama (John Racciatti / Michaela Morard) def. Missouri (Amber Wilson / Alex Locke), 1 up

Mississippi (Sarah Johnson / Jake Crosson) def. Missouri (Taylor Haltom / Olivia Sowers), 2 & 1

Arkansas (MacKenzie Lee / Connor Gaunt) def. Mississippi (Presley Baggett / Kye Meeks), 4&2

Mississippi (Tristan Cooley / Jake Kight) def. Missouri (Jeff Norman / Samantha Cornelius), 1 up

Missouri (Jack Rundle / Kate Keuss) vs. Arkansas (Alexis Montgomery / Noah Minton), Halved

Mississippi (Avery Pool / Cameron Clarke) def. Alabama (Padric Sim / Ally Williams), 5&4

Day 1 AM Four-Ball Score:

Alabama 4; Arkansas 4; Mississippi 3.5; Missouri .5


PM Foursomes Matches

Mississippi (Presley Baggett / Cameron Clarke) def. Arkansas (Elizabeth Moon / Blaine Calhoon), 3 &1

Alabama (Padric Sim / Ally Williams) def. Arkansas (Sydney Staton / Connor Gaunt), 1 up

Mississippi (Tristan Cooley / Jake Crosson) def. Alabama (J.P. Cave / Sophie Burks), 2 & 1

Missouri (Peter Weaver / Amber Wilson) def. Alabama (Connor Newton / Jordan Susce), 2 up

Alabama (Ethan Hagood / Mychael O'Berry) def. Arkansas (Josie Roberson / Jackson Marseilles), 1 up

Arkansas (Alexis Montgomery / Logan Greer) def. Missouri (Jack Rundle / Samantha Cornelius), 3&2

Alabama (Austin Coggin / Karlee Allen) def. Missouri (Dawson Meek / Taryn Overstreet), 5&4

Missouri (Jeff Norman / Olivia Sowers) def. Mississippi (Jake Kight / Karley Whittington), 1 up

Arkansas (Hannah Bakalekos / Noah Minton) def. Mississippi (Riley Mayhew / Kye Meeks), 5&4

Mississippi (Sarah Johnson / Wilson Baker) def. Missouri (Taylor Haltom / Allison Bray), 1 up

Missouri (Alex Locke / Kate Keuss) def. Arkansas (MacKenzie Lee / McNulty, Josh), 4&3

Alabama (John Racciatti / Michaela Morard) def. Mississippi (Avery Pool / CJ Easley), 4&3

Day 1 PM Foursomes Score:

Alabama 4; Arkansas 2; Mississippi 3; Missouri 3


Day 1 Total:

Alabama 8; Mississippi 6.5; Arkansas 6; Missouri 3.5


Day 2 Total:

Alabama 11.5; Arkansas 4.5; Mississippi 4; Missouri 4

Final Score:

Alabama 19.5; Arkansas 10.5; Mississippi 10.5; Missouri 7.5


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